• NASCAR The Game '11 European Release

    After a huge number of requests from European NASCAR fans, we are pleased to announce that NASCAR The Game ’11 will be available to download in Europe for PlayStation 3 from today!One of... read more »

NASCAR The Game 2011 contains around 2 hours of voice over
There are just over 1 million lines of NASCAR specific code in NTG 2011
The brake squeal sound is affected by brake temperature
There are over 1,700 audio files used in NASCAR The Game 2011
All NASCAR paint schemes for cars have to be approved by each team
It takes 3 days to paint a NASCAR paint scheme from start to finish
It takes 12 weeks to make an in-game NASCAR car from start to finish
The interior of each car has over 100,000 polygons in it alone
Each paint scheme texture has over 200 layers
Nearly 15,000 polygons are used to model each driver
The in-game car has over 750,000 polygons
There were over 5,000 reference shots taken for each track
There were over 3,000 reference shots taken for each car
On average each track has over 1 million Polygons
Over 1.3 million polygons were used to create the Daytona Track
The sound responds to how far you are from the barriers
The game engine has over 8 million lines of code
Each part of the car has a unique sound for when it is hit
During Development there were over 19,000 code commits